A History of Karaweik Palace

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In the Month of Tagu (March-April) 1972, assembled craftsmen, U Ngeh Hlaing and U Myat Thin, skilled in plasterwork and wood carving to begin construction of KaraweikPalace.

After the construction of Karaweik Palace began in June 1972, work continued until its inauguration on October 31, 1973, when all but the 19 meters (60 feet) high head was finished Karaweik Palace building was built in the form of Royal Barge, right in the heart of the Yangon City and facing to the magnificient Shwe Dagon Pagoda, this place meant to the people who take their leisure time to be joyful with the natural scenery, enchanted view of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and to be seen the 10 Arts of Myanmar Culture.

Before building began, there was discussion about where to locate the Karaweik Palace. Mandalay in Upper Myanmar and Yangon are the two most prominent cities in Myanmar so were the obvious choices. Mandalay was home to many Myanmar Kings in the past, seen in constructions such as Mandalay Palace.

Yangon, on the other hand, saw much development during the colonial period, seen for instance in the construction of shipping ports. It was also during this era, that many different national race groups and immigrants came to Yangon, making it the international city of today. Anyway, it was against this background that it was decided to construct Karaweik Palace in Yangon rather than Mandalay.

Karaweik Palace is not only a landmark of Yangon City but also the whole Myanmar Country. The image of Karaweik used for Royal places as Myanmar Cultural brand, we would see it on the former Myanmar currency 10 kyats note and also use this image as brand loo by local companies.

After finished building Karaweik Palace, in 1975. Ministry of Hotels and Tourisms started opening as a branch of their business till 1997. From the year 1998, Zay Kabar Company limited amended the whole building and open to both locals and foreigner till today.

Karaweik Palace serves international buffet with cultural performance every evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. More than 30 well serviced chefs take responsibility to prepare the most tasteful meals.