Culture Show

Elephant Dance

The fascinating story of the Elephant Dance originates from the time of King Anawrahta. The king sent a replica of one of the Buddha’s teeth via a white Elephant who came to stop in the hills above Kyaukse and it was here that the Shwe Tha Lyaung Pagoda was built.From that time on,people celebrated this historical event every year by paying respect to the pagoda and making elephant shaped cookies offerings to Buddha.In 1238 (Myanmar Calendar), U Ngal Gyi created the Kyaukse Elephant Dance festival with elephant costumes to pay respect.
Our talented performer shows “Kyaukse Elephant Dance” at Karaweik Palace !!!?
Come and see this amazing and unique beautiful show in Yangon whilst enjoying our tasty buffet !!!???

Kinnari and Kinnara Dance

The spectacular ” Kinnari and Kinnara ” Shan dance is performed every evening at Karaweik Palace!Kinnari is the mythological half-bird, half-woman character and Kinnara is also half-bird with half-man character!! In Burma, they are also known to be the lovers, musicians and choristers. They are known to have benevolent spirits to watch over humans in the time of danger.
Enjoy this stunning unique Kinnari and Kinnara performance while having our delightful buffet dinner!!

U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe

This is the only comedy performance at Karaweik Palace!
Myanmar Famous comedian U Ba Galay created this comedy dance in 1923. His dance was known as Shwe Yoe Jolly Joker Dance and performed in many Myanmar traditional occasions! Later on, Daw Moe character was created to add more amusements. U Shwe Yoe would dance accordingly with traditional Burmese Troupes and his style of twirling Burmese Umbrella. During the performance, the couple would sing, dance, flirt, fight with each other to make people laugh. The performance is still very well-known and performed in many rural areas in Myanmar!!
Come and enjoy this very enthusiastic and entertaining performance at Karaweik Palace!

Traditional Chin Dance

This magnificent performance is also known as Chin Bamboo Dance. It would be performed by Chin on their National Day, Crop Festivals, Harvest festivals and many other events to celebrate success! This performance requires precise coordination between dancers and bamboo poles holders. The performance itself requires perfect timing of leg-lifting and bamboo clapping in order to avoid accidents of getting hit by bamboo poles!
This is a very difficult dance that required focus and synchronization between dancers and bamboo holders!
Enjoy and experience how our performers can elegantly perform this particular dance with extraordinary skills at Karaweik Palace!

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